National campaigns

  • Finland


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    The Finnish railways (VR) are participating in the Train to Copenhagen campaign at national level. Planning has started and the main themes of the campaign have been defined. Implementation has partly begun.

    The main target group of the Finnish campaign is potential and existing train passengers. The campaign is expected to attract a certain amount of press coverage.

    The objectives are to:

    1. Remind passengers of the environmentally-friendly aspects of train travel
    2. Thank the train passengers for choosing the train
    3. Encourage them to continue using the train in the future
    4. Encourage them to say good things about train travel to their family and friends
    5. Raise awareness about VR actions to cut carbon dioxide emissions

    How is VR achieving their goals?

    1. TV advertising: a film that challenges the audience to think about ways to stop the climate change in addition to train, TV advertisements will be broadcasted before the conference
    2. Internet: there will be a website where people can send their ideas before the conference; the site will be used to follow the conference and the decisions made
    3. "Climate trains" from Helsinki to Turku, Lahti and Tampere. Passengers on board will be given small gifts and discount vouchers to thank them for choosing the train
    4. Station events in Turku, Tampere and Lahti to promote winter and VR’s lapland trains
    5. Press releases

    Advertising nationally on TV/national TV advertising, climate trains and station events in Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Turku will also be included in the/part of the campaign.

    For more information, please visit

  • France


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    SNCF demonstrating its commitment to the Train to Copenhagen
    campaign by:

    • Uniting VIPs from various backgrounds (political, environmental, etc.) on board the Climate Express
    • Endeavouring to convey the message of the (train to Copenhagen) campaign and encouraging people to follow the symbolic train from Kyoto to Copenhagen in the SNCF media, including via:
      • TGV Magazine: 300,000 copies (December issue)
      • TER Attitudes: 100,000 copies (January issue)
      •, websites of the subsidiaries and YOUTUBE: 300,000 visits a day
      • 200,000 SNCF staff in the group (SNCF in-house newspaper, radio and Intranet)
    • Organising a journey from Paris to Brussels on the Thalys to enable the French SNCF delegation to join the Climate express,, with the potential participation of SNCF’s Chairman
    • Participating in on-board workshops on the implementation of the Grenelle Law and on eco-friendly freight transport

    Last but not least SNCF will make the most of COP15 to express its views and talk about its projects.

  • Belgium

    SNCB and SNCB-Holding

    , by Aymeric Boniou

    In the context of the forthcoming Conference of Parties in December (COP15), the Belgian railways (SNCB and SNCB-Holding) are involved in various activities. As part of the national campaign, an event organised by NGOs on 5th December near the European Parliament and at the train station Brussels-Luxembourg. A second event planned in Belgium is the departure of a special train organised to transport NGOs to Copenhagen on 12th December.

    SNCB and SNCB-Holding is currently implementing a wide range of activities.
    In September (20/09 “ 25/09) the Brussels Central Station hosted the Seal the Deal campaign, organized by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which aims to gather support to reach a comprehensive global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December.

    Two weeks before COP15, SNCB will continue its communications campaign thanks to the following elements/initiatives:

    • balloons visually show the difference in CO2-emissions between cars &
      trains for their customers in different large train stations.
    • Brochure: Extra information for their customers on the basis of the IC- toolkit
    • "Climate office in different SNCB-Holding train stations: info for customers (brochure + Ecopassenger) (to be confirmed)
    • Article in Metro (free journal)
    • Message on train ticket to thank their customers for choosing an ecofriendly way of transport.
    • Messages in trains by train staff to thank their customers for choosing an eco-friendly way of transport.
    • Collaboration with NGO’s (Belgian Climate Coalition): film The Big Ask Again will be shown in different train stations on huge screens. In this film the train will be mentioned at the end as a way of climate friendly transport. (to be confirmed)

    More details can soon be found on the SNCB website http://www.b- and on the SNCB-Holding website

  • The Netherlands


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    The Copenhagen Express will make the journey from Utrecht to Copenhagen on
    12 December, taking with it members of the Dutch delegation who will be participating in the high level sessions of the Climate Change Conference. Chairing the delegation will be Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer, who will be joined by high-level representatives, members of the Dutch parliament, delegations from the most prominent Dutch NGOs and representatives of youth organisations.

    The Dutch campaign will be launched in November by the CopenhagenCoalition, a joint working group created by Dutch NGOs for the environment, nature protection and society. The group, of which NS is a partner, plans to urge the Dutch delegation to make as big an impact as possible at the conference. It calls for support in relaying messages to the Dutch delegation, the most important of which will be displayed on the Copenhagen Express.

    The campaign will culminate in a large public event called Beat the Heat Now ( to be held on 12 December in Utrecht and is likely to attract between 20,000 and 40,000 people. The event will blend political debate and commitment/involvement, music and other entertainment, climaxing with the departure of the Dutch Environment Minister to Copenhagen.

    The Copenhagen Express will make the journey during the night of 12
    December, arriving in Copenhagen on 13 December. It is expected to return during the night of 19 December, arriving back in Utrecht the following day.

    NS will start its own campaign on its website on 5 December, which will feature the train from Brussels to Copenhagen. It plans to hold a children’s event on 7
    December, aiming to introduce measures to improve its environmental performance, have a presence at the event Beat the Heat Now and on the Copenhagen Express.

  • Italy


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    The FS Group has always been leader in the transport system growth process in Italy as well as in Europe, giving a significant contribution to a sustainable territory development, respecting its historical, environmental and social peculiarities.

    FS actively contributes to the environment protection targets expected by 2020, thanks to a number of initiatives constantly involving the different companies in the Group on energy efficiency, optimization of resources consumption and reduction of pollution.

    In July 2009 FS signed an agreement with the Ministry of Environment on climate changes mitigation without penalising economic growth and technological innovation, while protecting the environment. This agreement is part of the larger programme called "Patto per l’Ambiente , involving eleven major Italian Enterprises, which has been promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Environment.

    According to the Agreement, FS contribution will focus on:

    • Consumption reduction
    • Energy production from renewable sources
    • Definition and implementation of guidelines for railways infrastructures design and construction reducing carbon footprint and lowering energy consumption.

    FS directly participates to the Climate Express from Brussels to Copenhagen on 5
    December next; during the 12-hour on-track conference, within the High Speed session, FS will illustrate its ongoing activities on environment, also connected to the completion of the high speed/high capacity rail network Torino-Salerno.

    Please visit the environmental section of FS website for more details, including the Eco-Passenger tool and the link to

  • Germany


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    DB’s Energy Saving and Climate Protection Programmes have set the course for CO2 reduction on the rails. By the end of 2008, DB had reduced its specific CO2 emissions of its train operations by 40 % compared to 1990 levels.
    DB’s vision for the future is to offer a competitive and completely CO2­free rail transport “ for freight and passengers.

    Within its new "DB Eco Program , DB has set the goal to reduce its specific CO2 emissions by 20 % between 2006 and 2020. This target includes not only DB’s rail activities but also its worldwide air, road and sea transport services.

    As part of the Climate Protection Programme, DB will increase the proportion of electric power generated by renewable energies. In 2008 the share of renewable energies in the DB electricity grid was 16 %.

    DB’s clients can also contribute to climate protection: for business clients and freight transport DB offers CO2­free products “ the DB EcoPlus. By choosing the CO2­free offers the customers are guaranteed that the electricity that is needed for their journey or for the freight will be entirely supplied by renewable energies.

    More details can be found on DB’s website:

    In this framework, and under the umbrella of the "Train to Copenhagen
    campaign, DB is carrying out a number of initiatives:

    • Event Ticket: Between 1st November and 20th December 2009 DB will offer a CO2­free return ticket from any train station in Germany to Copenhagen. The fare is 89 Euros for 2nd class travel and 139 Euros for 1st class. It is valid for travel at all times, including at night.
    • DB Mobil: the DB customer Magazine "DB Mobil will publish in its November edition six special pages on climate change and the Train to Copenhagen.
    • DB Homepage: Information about the Train to Copenhagen project is available on the DB Homepage in German and English.
    • Launching event 20th October: DB is planning a joint event with UNEP at Berlin’s main station. The idea is to persuade travellers to sign the "seal the deal online petition and to use the UNEP stamping station. At the same time DB wants to present the Train to Copenhagen project and the CO2­free offers from DB.
    • CN­Network: DB will soon join the Climate Neutral Network initiated by UNEP. Membership of the CN­Network will strengthen the climate protection commitments from DB.
    • Exhibition on energy efficiency in the Diesel House on 7th October in Copenhagen: a DB member will present the Train to Copenhagen project.
    • DB CityNightLine is organising, in cooperation with the Swiss SBB, a special train for the Swiss delegation on Copenhagen.


    UNFCCC: DB works in close cooperation with the UNFCCC with regard to the event ticket. The CO2­free event ticket to Copenhagen is not the only activity between DB and the UNFCCC. In the context of previous UNFCCC meetings in Bonn DB had offered special event tickets with preferential conditions for participants.

    Ministry for the Environment: Furthermore DB is examining possible cooperation activities with the German Ministry for the Environment. The ministry has already expressed its/an interest in travelling to Copenhagen by train and promoting the DB event ticket

  • Switzerland


    , by Aymeric Boniou

    The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, at which the successor to the Kyoto Protocol will be agreed upon, will be held from 7 to
    18 December 2009. Current and future mobility needs represent a major challenge for climate protection.

    In the context of the UIC’s "Train to Copenhagen campaign, CFF will run their own train from Switzerland to Copenhagen, thus highlighting the fact that eco-friendly solutions already exist. The aim of this journey is to remind as many people as possible that rail offers an eco-friendly mobility solution for passenger as well as freight transport.

    CFF, together with CityNightLine, are organising a special train from Berne to Copenhagen. The Swiss Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger, who will represent the country at the conference of Ministers, will be on board the train, departing on Wednesday 16 December 2009.

    During the journey, a wide-ranging programme will be on offer. CFF and SBB Cargo will demonstrate their environmental credentials, whilst participants will have a unique opportunity to relax and network. A round table, workshops and stands will complete the programme.

    In addition to the Transport Minister and the CFF Chief Executive Andreas Meyer, CFF would also like to offer other parties a platform for dialogue and broaden participation from the world of economics and the sciences, as well as representatives of NGOs and young people. A total of 70 people, including 20 children and 10 journalists, will be on board the train.

    After a night spent aboard the train in a sleeping car, participants will arrive in Copenhagen at around 10 am on Thursday 17 December 2009, in order to enable the Swiss Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger to attend the Conference of Ministers due to begin the same day.
    SBB will give the other participants the opportunity to meet the Swiss negotiation delegates and to visit some of the conference venues.

    The train in figures:
    Departure: Wednesday 16 December 2009, Berne.
    Number of participants: 70 people
    Journey duration: 17 hours
    Itinerary: Berne“Basel“Frankfurt am Main“Copenhagen.
    Composition of the train: 12 CFF and City Night Line coaches.

    For more information on CFF and CFF Cargo’s climate commitments, please visit: and