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On the climate express - Brussels to Cologne

The conversation has started. Press conferences block the route from one end to the other. A journalist crouches speaking live to her radio station. I push my way through to meet one of my hero’s - Mark Smith - founder of the website - the man in seat 61. This website is a fantastic source of information for travelling by rail across Europe.
I asked Mark - an Englishman - why he set up the web-site. He said, "When I travel to Europe I always take the train. Eurostar will tell you how to (...)



The Swiss high-level delegation for COP 15 arrived by train in Copenhagen Thursday morning

Thursday 17/12 morning the Swiss delegation for COP 15 arrived safely at the main station, Hovedbanegaarden, in Copenhagen.
80 people travelled together by train from Switzerland to Copenhagen, including the Swiss delegation arriving for the high-level segment of COP 15. The participants of the train were welcomed with breakfast at the station by the Danish Railways.
The journey had included meetings and conferences and obviously a good night of sleep because the participants seemed (...)



It is the action that counts

While digesting the disappointing outcome of the COP 15 in Copenhagen, some reflections pave their way to my key board.
The global leaders have not been able to agree on how we shall face the biggest threat to human kind in our time – how to combat climate change with a legal binding global agreement. They could not get their acts together for a theoretic framework on how to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, on how this framework should be followed up on by concrete emissions reduction (...)



Cartooning the climate express

It’s Tom’s job to capture the climate express in cartoons, diagrams and drawings. He’s part of a group called Bigger Picture who specialise in capturing events in graphic form - graphic recording - and today they are on the train.
I asked him how they manage to capture such complex ideas and so much activity.
Tom said, "We try to be as open as we can, to just observe. Sometimes we ask questions. I just asked Mr. Pepy (SNCF) and asked him about his vision - what he would ideally like - for (...)



Ludmilla has joined the team

Profile: Ludmila Khorosheva, UNEP Moscow
Ludmila works for the UNEP in Moscow administering Global Environmental Facility (GEF)* funding. She has worked in the environment sector since university, working first for the Federal Government, next for the World Conservation Union, and since 2005 for the UN.
We were very glad to welcome a colleague from the UN so soon after celebrating UN day at Baikal. The UN provides the overarching structure for so many positive initiatives, from Human (...)


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